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Champion Solar 

Increase your energy independence in Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro! Champion Solar can show you how to save money, reduce your carbon footprint, prepare for power outages, and find rebates and incentives to help pay for your home or business solar power system! Help the planet and your wallet with sustainable and affordable energy options in Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro and surrounding communities. Get a turnkey solar solution with everything needed to enjoy clean, free energy from the sun! 

  • FREE Consultation & Survey 
  • Customized System Design 
  • Current Incentives & Rebates
  • Many Financing Options
  • Permitting
  • Professional Installation 
  • Maintenance 
  • High-Quality Products
  • Outstanding Service 

Why Go Solar? 

Can your home or business get affordable power from sunshine in Minnesota? Champion Solar helps residential and business clients create specific solar solutions that fit their needs. Save money, prepare for outages, and help the planet by going green with attractive and long-lasting solar installations. 

Solar for Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Homes

Champion Solar designs and installs custom solar systems that bring clean, green energy to your home and make you less dependent on the local power company. Residential battery storage increases your energy independence by storing power during peak daylight periods for use during dark periods or outages. What can Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro homeowners expect with Champion Solar?  

  • Solar Systems Customized to Meet Your Consumption Needs and Sunlight Availability 
  • High-Quality Battery Backup Options
  • EV Chargers for Your Electric Vehicle 
  • The Latest Rebates and Incentives 
  • Numerous Financing Options 
  • Quality Installations the First Time 
  • Maintenance & Repairs 

Solar for Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Businesses 

A business solar installation can save your Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro company hundreds or even thousands of dollars on energy costs and pay for itself in just a few short years. Protect your valuable equipment from power outages, reduce your carbon footprint, positively impact area consumers, and take advantage of significant energy savings! How can a custom solar installation help your business?

  • Increase Property Value Without Raising Your Property Tax 
  • Cover Up to 90% of the Cost Through Rebates and Incentives
  • Store Up Energy for Later Use 
  • Cut Your Reliance on the Local Power Company 
  • Enjoy Clean Power for Decades 
  • Reduce Your Energy Costs 

Why Choose Champion Solar in Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro? 

Champion Solar has over a decade of expertise in creating affordable, high-quality solar solutions for Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro, homes and businesses. We treat every client the way we want to be treated. From start to finish and beyond, Champion Solar serves your solar system needs with integrity and excellence. 

  • Serving Minnesota Clients Since 2010 
  • Totally Customized Solar Solutions 
  • Top-Quality Solar Products 
  • Industry-Leading Expertise 
  • Unparalleled Customer Service 
  • Complete Turnkey Systems 
  • Making Solar More Affordable Than Ever 

Trust what your neighbors have to say! Review some of our customer testimonials below. 

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