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Solar System Storm Damage Inspection

Your quality solar system installation from Champion Solar will last for decades, and modern solar panels are designed to withstand light to moderate impacts. But sometimes, severe storms can damage components and require repairs.

Trees or other debris can fall on panels, impact connections or frameworks, and more. Hail can damage panels and mounting hardware. Even storm damage to your home or business can impact portions of your solar power system and need repairs.

Champion Solar offers professional solar system storm damage inspections to determine the extent of any damage and help you with insurance claims and repairs.

Storm Damage FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about storm damage to solar panels and other system equipment.

Will cracked solar panels still function?

Damaged solar panels with cracks on the surface will likely still function, but their performance will be degraded. Cracks can also allow moisture intrusion, further compromising the panel’s internal components.

Does my warranty cover storm damage?

Not likely. Storms are external factors that are not usually covered by a warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty typically covers defects in materials or construction, not storm damage from debris or hail.

Does my homeowner’s insurance cover solar system storm damage?

Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover roof-mounted solar panels and other system components when damaged by storms. Ground-mounted systems may require an additional policy. Check your specific policy for more details.

Can lightning damage my solar system?

Yes. Lighting can cause electrical problems with your solar power system. If you suspect lightning damage, such as reduced system performance after a storm, contact Champion Solar for a damage inspection.

Contact Champion Solar with more questions about storm damage to your Minnesota or Wisconsin solar power system.

Certified Storm Damage Inspections

If you suspect storm damage to your solar power system, do not attempt to inspect or repair it on your own. Anything more than a routine visual inspection by a homeowner or business owner can void your warranty or insurance coverage. Champion Solar is an experienced and certified solar installer and repair contractor that can perform a professional inspection to determine the extent of any damage. Our teams offer storm damage inspections all over Minnesota and Wisconsin for homes and businesses with solar power systems. What can you expect from a Champion Solar storm damage inspection?

  • Sophisticated Testing Equipment
  • Encyclopedic Knowledge of Solar Systems
  • Experienced Inspectors and Repair Personnel
  • Written Report Detailing Damage and Our Recommendations
  • Written Cost Estimate
  • Help with Filing Claims from Our Insurance Claim Specialists

We also have trained and experienced repair teams that can handle system repairs, component replacements, and other needs to return your system to peak operating efficiency.


Contact Champion Solar for a Storm Damage Inspection

Contact Champion Solar today when you suspect your solar power system has sustained storm damage. We can perform certified damage inspections that do not void your warranty or insurance coverage. Contact us today to schedule a storm damage inspection anywhere throughout Minnesota or Wisconsin.

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