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Battery Systems

Protect yourself or your business from power outages due to grid failures or extreme weather with battery backup systems from Champion Solar. Minnesota and Wisconsin are no strangers to severe weather events. Ensure your critical home needs or business operations remain powered with custom solar or grid-connected battery backup solutions.

Home Battery Systems Make Sense

Modern homes rely on electricity for everything – but what happens when the local power grid goes offline? More than issues of convenience, power outages can compromise critical needs and services in your home:

  • Heating & Lighting
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Home Security
  • Remote Work or Learning
  • Home Health Needs
  • EV Charging

Protect yourself from grid failures or extreme weather events with a solar- or grid-connected battery backup system. Store energy when natural disasters or severe weather compromise local power sources. Keep your battery backup system charged with solar energy or from the regional power system (or both) and be prepared for any situation.

Champion Solar offers FREE evaluations of your specific needs and custom designs solutions that fit your area, situation, and budget. Plus, we help you find tax credits, rebates, and financing to make your system affordable. Local power customers may also benefit from “Net Metering” programs that allow you to sell excess solar electricity to the power company during high-demand periods. When you contact us, ask a team member about this availability in your area.

Business Backup Battery Systems for Emergencies

Battery backup solutions for Minnesota and Wisconsin businesses enable critical operations and systems to continue during severe weather, natural disasters, or other events that compromise the local power grid. Lower your reliance on public power and be prepared for any situation. Champion Solar has extensive experience helping small and large companies design and install battery backup systems that guarantee the continuity of their operations.

  • Lighting & Climate Control
  • Security Measures
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Production Facilities
  • Assembly Lines
  • Critical Equipment
  • Communications

Champion Solar works with your business to evaluate your needs and recommend the best battery backup protection options. Different capacities are available for solar-powered or grid-connected solutions. We handle everything from design and permitting to installation and maintenance. When you contact us, be sure to ask a team member for help with tax credits, incentives, and financing to make your installation more affordable than ever.

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