Get More Than What You’ve Invested? Way More!

If you’re looking for more reasons to finally switch to a solar energy system, we have exciting news for you! Start your solar power journey with us at Champion Solar and enjoy the limited time tax credits, incentives, rebates and grants currently available!

Incentives for Homeowners and
Business Owners

On average, combining incentives, tax credits, grants, energy savings and your new immunity to rate hikes can pay you back for your entire system and installation in just a few years. We will inform you of all savings available to you and walk you through every step.

Homeowners & Businesses

  • $ – 30% Tax Credit. This is not just a reduction of tax liability…it is literally 30% of the entire cost of your entire solar installation (including battery back-up and car chargers, if applicable) returned to you, DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR, when you file your taxes.
  • $ – Free electricity for 50+ years. The Solar Panels are guaranteed to be very productive for 25+ years but because there are no moving parts to wear out, they typically produce very well for over 50 years! I pay less each month for my solar than I did for my old electric bill and in a couple years I will pay nothing. Then, it is free electricity for the rest of my life!
  • $ – Immunity from utility rate hikes. Ever try to ask your utility for a reduction in cost? Good luck! They own the power and distribution of that power. When you have solar, you OWN YOUR OWN POWER plant! That means when they hike rates (average of 4% every year), you will no longer be under their thumb.
  • $ – Take advantage of strong customer benefits of the Net Metering laws. What are the net metering laws? In Mn and Wi, net metering essentially means, if you buy a kilowatt of energy from your utility at say 12 cents per kilowatt, the utility is required to buy every kilowatt you produce and for them at the same 12 cents per kilowatt. That is a win-win! If you produce and use your own kilowatt, you don’t have to buy it from the utility. If you produce a kilowatt and do not need it at the time, just sell it to the utility for the same price you will buy it back from them that night after the sun goes down. Either way, your cost for that kilowatt is $Zero!
  • $ – Many other regional incentives, utility rebates, income driven state incentives and more. Reach out to us at Champion Solar and we can let you know all that is available to you.
  • $ – Wisconsin Residents – Nearly everyone is automatically eligible for $500 rebate for the install of any size solar system. Awesome!

Businesses are eligible for even more!

  • $ – Our farm used to spend little on electricity in the summer and LOTS in the fall. With net metering, the utility pays us so much in the summer that it covers our electric bill through the entire fall and winter.
  • $ – Businesses may be able to depreciate at least 85% of the total cost of the solar system and installation over 1 to 6 years. That equates to a typical return on investment of nearly 20% of the original cost.
  • $ – R.E.A.P. Grant – Rural Energy for America Program. Available to ANY business in areas with a population of 50,000 or less. Or a farm located ANYWHERE…so, a farm is still eligible if it is located right in downtown Minneapolis! ***New in 2023…the REAP Grant has been increased! In 2023 it moved from 25% up to 40% of the total cost of solar and installation.
  • $ – Wisconsin Businesses – Nearly all are eligible for the “Focus on Energy” rebate up to $50,000 (most rebates between $2000 and $10,000).

$$$$$ WOW! $$$$$ As a business owner you may be eligible for 90% or more of your system paid for with incentives alone! We see some businesses having a full payback in 3 years or less leaving just free electricity for the next 4-5 decades! Again, WOW! $$$$$

“I can’t believe how easy it was and how little I paid for such a huge Return!”



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