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Electric Vehicle Chargers

Electric vehicles are not only the wave of the future – they’re here now! Numerous Minnesota and Wisconsin residents have purchased EVs to save on fuel costs, reduce their carbon footprint, and take advantage of the latest transportation technology innovation. Going green with an EV is smart in many ways but charging it can keep you linked to power produced by fossil fuels. Why not power your home or business charging station with solar?

Charge Your EV with Solar Panels

Electric cars allow owners to escape rising fuel costs and dependence on fossil fuels that harm the environment, but they need periodic recharging. Take going green to the next level with a home solar system that powers your family’s needs and charges your EV. Champion Solar can evaluate your home’s and EV’s needs and customize the perfect solar power system to reduce costs and increase your energy independence.

  • Power your home, charge your EV, or both
  • Charge your EV even when the power is out
  • Save money on home charging and your energy bill
  • Further reduce your carbon footprint

Add a Commercial Solar EV Charging Station

Make your business a preferable destination on EV charging station maps by installing a commercial solar EV charging station. Champion Solar can work with your company to create turnkey charging solutions for your employees and customers that make your business more attractive and convenient for a growing number of consumers.

  • Power the station from the sun
  • Generate residual income
  • Make your business a preferred and more accessible destination
  • Added perk for your employees
  • Attract new customers and sales
  • List your business on EV charging apps

Why Choose Champion Solar for Car Chargers in Minnesota and Wisconsin?

Busy homeowners and business owners across Minnesota and Wisconsin want green, affordable solar solutions without a time-consuming hassle. Champion Solar provides completely turnkey systems to meet your needs for home and business car chargers powered by solar energy. Since 2010, we’ve been the go-to experts for everything solar, and we are your area specialists for home and commercial solar EV charging stations. We handle everything, including:

  • FREE site assessment and savings appraisal
  • Financing & Incentives
  • Permitting
  • Custom design and installation
  • Monitoring
  • Rebate support
  • Maintenance


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