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Solar Systems Maintenance and Repair

Modern solar panels have no moving parts, so they rarely require maintenance and repairs. And when installed the right way by Champion Solar, they will last for decades. Part of your solar system installation is demonstrating how to monitor and check how your system is functioning. If problems arise or you have questions, Champion Solar is always here to help.

Solar Panel Maintenance FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we’re asked about maintaining your solar panels after installation:

How do I know if my system is producing power?

Check your monitoring application or log into your monitoring service for power production details.

What if my system isn’t producing power?

Go outside and do a visual check for anything blocking the panels, like snow coverage, downed limbs, or foliage. If there is nothing on the panels, contact Champion Solar for a service call.

What if I need a warranty service?

Different systems and components have different warranties, plus your workmanship warranty from Champion Solar. Check your system documentation or contact us with your warranty questions or service requests.

What should I do to maintain my solar panels?

Visually inspect them periodically to ensure there are no nests, foliage, branches, or other debris accumulating on or around them. Rinse away any dirt with soft, clean water from a hose.

How can I clean my solar panels?

If further cleaning is necessary, gently wash the panels with mild soap and soft water. You may also use any cleaning solutions recommended by the equipment manufacturer.

Contact Champion Solar with more questions about maintaining your solar power system.

Remove & Rebuild Your Solar System

A quality solar system installation will last decades, but some older systems may need rebuilding, replacement, or removal. Champion Solar can work with you to determine the best solution for your older, outdated system and recommend options.

Rebuilding – Often, an older system still has working components that may only need upgrades. For example, older technology panels or monitoring systems can be replaced while other sound components are kept.

Replacement – Sometimes, a dated system cannot be upgraded and requires replacement to operate more efficiently and sync with new monitoring systems.

Removal – Sometimes, a consumer wishes to remove a solar system altogether. Champion Solar can work with you to totally remove a system’s components.

Minnesota & Wisconsin Solar Insurance Claims

Champion Solar is your solar power expert in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and our team can help when you have solar insurance claims. Many homeowners and liability policies cover solar panels and systems in the event of damage. However, sometimes the provisions and claim process can be confusing. Our team members can help you understand what your policy covers and how to file a damage claim. Contact us with your questions or concerns about filing solar insurance damage claims.

Storm Damage Repair

Minnesota and Wisconsin are no strangers to severe weather. Winter storms can cause damage to your solar panels and other system components. Champion Solar has skilled and experienced repair teams that can promptly arrive, assess your damages, and recommend storm damage repair solutions. We can also help file insurance damage claims to help cover your repair costs. Our storm damage repair teams can make repairs quickly to get your power systems back online and operational.


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